Kids Prom Dresses

Kids Prom Dresses

Proms are becoming really popular in the UK and now many primary schools across the country are having proms to celebrate the completion of infant school or junior school.

Childrens prom dresses play an important part of these celebrations. They do not need to be expensive, but they should make your child feel special on that all important day. After all, it marks the end of an era!

At Kids Prom Dresses we review high quality, reasonably priced girls prom dresses and tuxedos for boys. We hope that you find this resource useful.

If the dresses below are not to your liking, then be sure to check out our Childrens Prom Dresses section, for a wider range of dresses, where we are sure you'll find that perfect dress for that very special occasion.

Whether your little girl is going to her first prom, or just wants to look the belle of the ball at that party or wedding, kids prom dresses are currently all the rage!

Many infant schools now have a prom to mark the occasion of graduating to the junior school. Childrens prom dresses are an important part of the occasion, dressing up is fun and exciting and makes leaving infant school very special for them.

Monnalisa black kids prom dress

Monnalisa Black Kid’s Prom Dress

This of course is the moment for your child to shine, and what better way than with this beautiful Monnalisa black kid’s prom dress.

It has gorgeous pleated detail and a belt that ties at the back with a bow, while the diamante logo on the strap gives it that extra sparkle.

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Monnalisa black frill dress

Monnalisa black frill dress

Monnalisa was founded in 1968 by Mr Piero Jacomoni and remains a very sought after brand today.

Another very popular childrens prom dress from Monnalisa is the black frill dress with its cute collar and belt, which ties at the back with a bow.

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D&G Kids Prom Dress

D&G Kids Prom Dress

If you prefer a more cutesy look for your childs prom dress then maybe designers D&G have the one for you.

This adorable red and pink checked dress, has a gorgeous frill collar and bottom, as well as sporting the designer’s logo.

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Monnalisa prom dress

Monnalisa prom dress

For those not quite at school age, toddlers prom dresses are the thing to wear at birthday parties, weddings and any special occasion.

This particularly cute Monnalisa kids prom dress has a very pretty black and white polka dot top with cap sleeves, whilst the bottom of the dress has gorgeous layers of net frills.

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There are obviously many different types of childrens prom dress and we hope that you like this selection of delightful dresses that we have hand-picked as our favourites. For an even wider selection, be sure to check out the Childrens Prom Dresses section of the site. We hope that your chosen kids prom dress will make her a very happy girl on her special day!

The infant school prom is definitely not just the domain of the girls, it’s the boys prom too. It’s just as important that your little guy looks dapper in his prom outfit, after all he’s moving up to junior school too.

Boys 2-piece Tuxedo, by Torre

Boys 2-piece Tuxedo, by Torre

Your son can look just as smart as daddy in these cool tuxedos for boys, from Torre, which are available in sizes for ages 3 years and upwards.

It is also coated with a bionic finish, which will repel those food and drink spills as well as mud and rain, just in case he finds any puddles that look tempting on the way to the prom.

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Boys 2-piece Tuxedo, by Torre

Alternatively, to make sure he really looks the business at your boys prom, why not consider taking advantage of MyTuxedo’s special offer: The Gold Package

The Gold Package includes a boys tuxedo, together with a dress shirt, a cummerbund in various colours and finally a bow tie, also in a variety of colours. All this at an incredible price!

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Your little James Bond will look so cool, maybe he’ll end up giving his dad some style tips…

For a wider selection of boys prom wear, be sure to check out the Boys Tuxedos section of our site.

Kids prom dresses and tuxedos are never quite complete without the right shoes. It is always hard to buy prom shoes and accessories, as you are trying to get those children’s dress shoes that match the outfit, but are also of good enough quality for your child’s precious feet.

Infant Girls Shoes

Lelli Kelly Girls Shoes

Lelli Kelly Girls Shoes

For really stylish party shoes you can’t beat Lelli Kelly girls shoes – they are patent leather black prom shoes, and for the image conscious kids it has the Lelli Kelly logo across the strap.

Lelli Kelly girls shoes even have a small heal to make your girl feel really grown up and if that is not enough it even includes a free gift.

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Norvic Flossy Strap Shoe

Norvic Strap shoe

For those girls whose kids prom dress will be pretty in pink, this Norvic Strap shoe is a great example of pink prom shoes. In a beautiful pale pink, with flower detail on the front, these are sure to set your girls prom dress off perfectly.

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If you are looking for great British designs with high quality craftsmanship, look no further than Bucklemyshoe. They have been established for 20 years and are a favourite among celebrity children, as they specialise in children’s shoes with a special touch of grown up fashion.

Bess from Bucklemyshoe

Bess from Bucklemyshoe

The brogue-style detailing makes Bess a popular choice of black prom shoes with fashion conscious young ladies. This ballerina is the perfect match for any kids prom dress that is a dark colour, however, Bess is also a sturdy and sensible back to school shoe, so you can be certain your little girl will get plenty of wear out of them.

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Other great shoes in the range include Moonshine, if you are looking for pink prom shoes or indeed blue prom shoes and Gladiator, which are again great pink prom shoes, but also available as gold prom shoes. Last but not least, there is Rave, which are unusual lime green prom shoes.

Infant Boys Shoes

Of course, shopping for boys black prom shoes is not nearly so difficult. We recommend you bear in mind that it is better to buy a sensible, sturdy shoe that your son can get use out of when he is back at school and therefore you will be happy in the knowledge that you are getting your money’s worth.

Wrangler boys moccassin tie shoe in black leather

Wrangler boys moccassin tie shoe

The Wrangler boys moccassin tie shoe in black leather will look cool with your boys tuxedo, but it is a perfectly acceptable school shoe as well.

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These shoes for girls and boys will certainly complete your childrens prom dresses so that they will be the belle or beau of their ball. For a wider range of kids prom shoes, have a look at the Prom Shoes UK section of the site.